Here are the questions (and answers) that we’re hearing most frequently from our website visitors.

This is our most frequent type of question.

  • “I need samples for my bar, when can I get them?”
  • “Can I get this now? Today!!”
  • “Canada is ready for this right now, can I help with importation???”
  • “I’m totally bored with [zero alcohol fizzy drink]. When can I get my hands on some Alcarelle?”
  • “I suffer from social anxiety, and can no longer tolerate alcohol. My social life is collapsing… help!!??”

Well, we’re not ready to sell our products yet, and won’t be for a few years. We’re in the development and testing phases right now, and before it becomes available to buy, there’s another crucial set of stages – regulatory and safety testing. Depending on our choice of compound(s) for Alcarelle and the local regulatory process, we estimate that this phase could be between 3 to 5 years.

Wherever Alcarelle is made available, we will comply with all the legal requirements in place.

And just to clarify, our goal is to develop our “alternative to alcohol” as an ingredient that we make available to Drinks companies. These organisations, using their creativity and market expertise, will use the Alcarelle ingredient to create a whole new generation of drinks for their customers.

(posted 7-Jan-2020)

We’re keen to talk to people and institutions who consider Alcarelle’s vision to be worthy of investment and who can contribute to our funding goal of c£20 million. Our current investment strategy is to focus on a small number of experienced investors who are able to offer upwards of £50k, and who may be able to support Alcarelle by making resources, networks or expertise available to us. We are also willing to consider smaller investors who can contribute key areas of knowledge or experience.

If you do wish to discuss potentially investing in Alcarelle, please click here and email us with your responses to the key points below.

  • your reason for wanting to invest
  • the range of investment you are able to consider
  • the possible timescale you have in mind for your investment
  • your location/residency
  • your phone number
  • anything else you feel is relevant

We’ll get back to you within a week to discuss further.

Incidentally, we’ve had enquiries from people who are only experienced in investing in publicly listed companies. Alcarelle isn’t listed, and therefore investing is a completely different prospect. It’s worth noting that the rules governing this kind of investment in the UK (the Financial Conduct Authority) are very strict. For example, among a host of other documentary submissions, we would also need evidence that investors have prior experience of making investment decisions, and that they have sufficient income and capital available to make an investment without causing an unreasonable level of risk to themselves or their family.

Further down the line we may include investors who are able to contribute smaller amounts – we’ll let people know via the website, email and social media channels if that’s the case.

(posted 7-Jan-2020)

Our mission is to create an ingredient that is an alternative to alcohol and that avoids the harm that ethanol causes. Before we’re able to make it fully available on the market, Alcarelle will need to:

  • undertake our own internal development, evaluation and testing procedures
  • undergo extensive formal clinical testing under strict third party oversight and to well-defined government standards – a process that we expect to take at least 3 years
  • comply with all relevant regulatory procedures in place in each geographical location that we make Alcarelle available, which may involve additional safety testing

The objective of all the testing and regulatory work is to ensure that we create a safe, functional and socially beneficial product.

(posted 7-Jan-2020)

In the current phase of “development and testing”, we are working with both synthetic and plant-based compounds. We’re not able to predict at this stage what our final options might be, nor, obviously, what it might taste of. 

In any event, our goal is to produce an ingredient that Drinks Companies will use to create a whole new generation of functional drinks, and it will be they who design the new beverages, based on market demand at that time.

(posted 7-Jan-2020)

Our goal is to create an ingredient that is better than alcohol and certainly not addictive – this is a crucial piece of the science that we’re working on.

The rigorous internal and formal testing processes we have to go through with our product are designed to identify if there is potential for addiction. Any version of our product which didn’t pass these tests would not achieve approval to be marketed and would have to be abandoned. At which point we would continue in our quest to find the right product to meet our goal.

(posted 7-Jan-2020)

If we still haven’t managed to answer your question, please ask it below and we’ll get back to you.

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