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Alcarelle, recently in the News

28-Feb-2020 – Quest magazine, Nederlands
Drinking “alcohol” without a hangover
(in Dutch)

02-May-2019 – BBC Science Focus Magazine
Could Alcarelle, a synthetic alcohol substitute being developed in UK labs, spell the end of binge drinking, hangovers, and alcohol-related diseases?
(in English)

03-Apr-2019 – mnn (Mother Nature Network)
With Alcarelle, scientist aims to create booze that keeps the buzz but none of the baggage
(in English)

02-Apr-2019 – Splice (magazine for Life Scientists)
Scientists Develop “Fake Alcohol” That Gets You Buzzed But Never Drunk
(in English)

28-Mar-2019 – Inverse
Synthetic “Alcarelle” Promises to Make You Feel Drunk Without the Hangover
(in English)

26-Mar-2019 – Irish Examiner
Here’s what you need to know about Alcarelle
(in English)

26-Mar-2019 – The Independent
Synthetic alcohol that doesn’t cause hangovers or liver damage may be available in five years
(in English)

26-Mar-2019 – The Guardian
Could Alcarelle provide all the joy of booze – without the dangers?
(in English)