Alcarelle is rebranding to GABA Labs

London, UK. Jan. 03, 2021 – British-based, Drink Ingredient developer Alcarelle is a pioneer in the alcohol alternative space, designing a product that aims to be “better than alcohol”, allowing people to experience all the benefits but without use of ethanol. 

Today the company announced they’re rebranding, and will operate as GABA Labs. This name change reflects the company’s evolution and focus – increasing their product offerings and communicating to a wider audience, says Managing Director of GABA Labs David Orren.

At the same time, GABA Labs is expanding into the Botanical Spirits and Alcohol-Free beverage market with the launch of their subsidiary company – The Social Drinks Company (TSDC). During January, The Social Drinks Company will enter the consumer beverage market with their first Botanical Spirit, Sentia*.

With roots in advanced molecular and neuroscience research, our company is committed to delivering breakthrough ingredients that will revolutionize the spirits market as we know it today. After five years of research and technological advances, we are excited to announce the evolution of Alcarelle to GABA Labs and the launch of a brand-new company, The Social Drinks Company (TSDC). We are ready to bring much needed innovation to the adult social drinking beverage industry”, says Orren.

GABA Labs is a pioneering, science-driven company, known for its discovery and development of a patentable alternative to alcohol called Alcarelle.

The GABA Labs scientific team includes experienced senior scientists with wide-ranging disciplines, and is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board drawn from industry and scientific research. The business side is led by Managing Director David Orren, who brings 30 years’ experience launching disruptive innovation into international markets.

The Social Drinks Company (TSDC) is launching their first commercial Botanical Spirit named Sentia in January 2021. Sentia is currently available in the UK by pre-order exclusively on their direct-to-consumer site

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About GABA Labs (formerly known as Alcarelle)

GABA Labs is a pioneering and science-driven company that develops ingredients as patentable alternatives to alcohol. ‘Alcarelle’ is a synthetic GABAergic* ingredient that can be used to make adult drinks and works as an effective catalyst for conviviality and social interaction without some of the unpleasant aspects of ethanol. 

GABA Labs has also completed its first botanical ingredient known as ‘ABI’. The ingredient has been licensed to The Social Drinks Company which is now launching the first of a new range of botanical spirits called Sentia. ‘ABI’ is a botanical ingredient which can be formulated into a liquid product to provide an agreeable drinking experience that mimics (to a lesser degree than Alcarelle) the sociability and conviviality effects of alcohol-based drinks. (This innovation is evaluated in the Channel4 ‘Food Unwrapped’ programme that will be shown at 8pm UK time on the 11th January).

GABA Labs’ scientific work is led by Chief Scientific Office and renowned Neuro-Psycho Pharmacologist, Professor David Nutt. Following thirty years research into the effects of substances on stress, anxiety and relaxation, Professor David Nutt embarked on a program to develop a patentable synthetic compound as an alternative to alcohol. This work has led to the development of Alcarelle, an ingredient which requires testing and approval before it can be licensed to the global drinks industry for producers to create a new generation of functional adult social drinks. GABA Labs will seek registration for Alcarelle as a ‘novel food’ in the UK/EU/Canada and ‘GRAS’ (“Generally regarded as Safe”) in the US.

GABA Labs was originally formed in May 2016, with a mission to develop new compounds that are designed to mimic the pleasurable effects of alcohol on the GABA* system, without the use of alcohol. 

GABA Labs is now raising investment to support the regulatory process for their synthetic ingredients, and to develop further their bioprospecting program into plant-based molecules using AI-based techniques.

*GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid) is a naturally occurring substance that produces a calming effect, enhancing conviviality and sociability. 

*GABAergic In molecular biology and physiology, something is GABAergic if it pertains to the neurotransmitter GABA

*Sentia is an alcoholic-free, functional Botanical Spirit that enhances sociability and relaxation. Sentia is intended as an adult recreational drink and although alcohol-free, is not recommended  for anyone under the age of 18, pregnant or breast feeding, or taking prescription medication including antidepressants.